Contact Lens Brands

There are many different contact lens brands available. You should always see your eye care professional to try a new lens.

Often a friend or relative will recommend a certain brand. Do you take that recommendation and purchase those lenses? How do you know which is the best contact lens for you?

The key words here are "for you". Each individual has different needs, different prescription, different curvature of eye, different age... All these things and more are taken into consideration when a professional fits lenses for your eyes.

So you may take your friend's recommendation, but please check with an eye care professional first, and see if that brand is recommended for your individual needs.

Contact Lens Companies

Each contact lens company has different materials, edge designs, and sizes available. One company's lens that is labelled as an 8.6 base curve will fit differently than another company's 8.6 because of these differences in manufacturing. Even within the same company, base curves may fit differently. This is one reason you should always try a lens through your ECP, and not over the Internet.

In Canada, there are four major contact lens companies that produce most of the contact lenses we have available.

These four companies are:

1. Bausch and Lomb

B&L has been making quality eye health products for many years. Their contact lenses are a preferred choice by many eye care professionals. The brands Bausch & Lomb carries include PureVision and Soflens, and the new monthly replacement lens Ultra.

2. Alcon

Alcon (formerly Ciba Vision) brands include  Air Optix, Dailies, and Freshlook. They are one of the few companies in Canada that makes coloured contact lenses for dark eyes.

3. CooperVision

This company has a large number of brands available, as well as a wide variety of types. From conventional yearly replacement lenses to one day disposables, and everything in between, CooperVision has many lenses to choose from.

4. Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is most well known for the Acuvue brand of contact lenses. They produce one day and two week disposable contact lenses in Canada. Recently, they have come out with a new monthly replacement lens called Vita.

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