Alcon Contact Lenses

Alcon has a number of contact lens brands available, made for just about every prescription. They have in recent years deleted some of their brands from the line, which we mention at the end of this listing.

Brands by Alcon

Monthly Replacement Contact Lenses

Air Optix

Air Optix Aqua - A monthly replacement lens: this lens is in the process of being discontinued. It will be replaced by Air Optix HG (above).

Air Optix Night & Day - A monthly replacement lens that is approved for up to 30 days and nights of wear. Please see our page on extended wear lenses if you are interested in this type of lens, because there are increased health risks.

Air Optix + HydraGlyde

Air Optix plus HydraGlyde - Hydraglyde gives you long lasting surface moisture. Made for people who live in dry environments and have an active lifestyle. Also a monthly replacement lens.

Air Optix plus HydraGlyde Multifocal - A multifocal design lens with HydraGlyde for extra moisture.

Air Optix plus HydraGlyde for Astigmatism - The comfort of Air Optix with HydraGlyde for those who have astigmatism in their prescriptions


Precision One - Alcon's newest daily disposable contact lens. Comfortable, easy to handle, and the most UV protection available in a daily disposable contact lens (but not a substitute for sunglasses). Also available for those who have astigmatism.

Dailies Total One - The Dailies Total One contact lens is made of a unique material that has more water content at the outside of the lens, which allows for greater moisture and comfort. The inner core of silicone ensures that a high amount of oxygen is transmitted to the eye. This lens is great for dry eyes and those who want to dispose of their lenses daily. These lenses allow the eyes to breathe well compared to other daily disposables due to the high oxygen transmissibilty of the material it is made of.

Dailies Total One Multifocal - This very comfortable lens now also comes in a multifocal for those who need a bifocal.

Dailies Total One For Astigmatism - Alcon finally has a toric version of their popular Dailies Total One contact lens. The same exceptionally comfortable lens for those who have astigmatism.

Dailies All Day Comfort - A daily disposable lens that contains a moisturizing agent called AquaRelease. Available in 30 or 90 packs.

Dailies All Day comfort are no longer available in North America but may still be available in the UK.

Dailies AquaComfort Plus - Also a daily disposable lens, that keeps eyes lubricated with blink-activated moisture. Available in 30 or 90 packs.

Dailies AquaComfort Plus for Astigmatism and Presbyopia - The same comfort and daily disposable convenience of Dailies AquaComfort Plus is now available in topic and presbyopic prescriptions. If you have astigmatism, or need a bifocal, you can now wear Dailies aqua comfort Plus.

Coloured Contact Lenses

Air Optix Colors

For years people who have wanted to change their eye color had to endure dryness, irritation, and end of day discomfort, especially those with dry eyes or who live in a dry climate. Alcon now has a new coloured contact lens that is made with the moisture, comfort and breathability of silicone: Air Optix Colors. There are nine colors available. Some with a subtle color change: Pure Hazel, Green, Blue, Gray and Brown. Others have a more vibrant color change: Honey, Gemstone Green, Brilliant Blue and Sterling Gray.

Try on coloured contact lenses virtually!

Air Optix Colors Color Studio

Dailies Colors

Daily disposable contact lenses available in mystic green, mystic grey, mystic hazel, and mystic blue.


All Freshlook lenses are cosmetic coloured contact lenses that either change or enhance the colour of your eyes.

Freshlook One-Day - Daily disposable lenses that are tinted for cosmetic purposes, to change the colour of your eyes. Only available in minus (nearsighted) prescriptions, and available in four colours: blue, green, gray and pure hazel. 

Freshlook ColorBlends - These colours are made for a dramatic change to your eye colour. They are opaque lenses made primarily for dark eye colour changes. However, the brown colour is popular with people who have green, blue, or hazel eyes. ColorBlends have three in one technology that makes the colour change more natural. The colours available are: Amethyst, Brilliant Blue, Blue, Green, Gray, Honey, Pure Hazel, True Sapphire, Sterling Gray, and Turquoise.

*Freshlook Colorblends discontinued as of Nov. 30/23

Freshlook Colors - Opaque lenses that change the colour of dark eyes. Colours available are Blue, Green, Hazel and Violet.

Discontinued as of Sept. 29/23

Freshlook Dimensions - Colour enhancing lenses for light eyes with a unique starburst pattern. Colours available are Caribbean Aqua, Pacific Blue, and Sea Green.

Discontinued as of Sept. 29/23

Freshlook Illuminate - A daily disposable contact lens for people with dark eyes, and want them to look bigger and bolder.

Discontinued as of Sept.29/23

Freshlook HT - HT stands for handling tint, which is a light green, and doesn't change the colour of your eyes. Tinted only so you can see them while handling. The same material and design of lens as other Freshlook lenses. NOW DISCONTINUED.

Freshlook Toric ColorBlends - The same Colorblends technology for changing eye colour on an eye that needs correction for astigmatism. Limited colours and powers. Colours available: Blue, Green, Gray and Honey. NOW DISCONTINUED.

Discontinued Alcon Contact Lenses:

Air Optix Multifocal - replaced with Air Optix plus HydraGlyde Multifocal

Air Optix for Astigmatism - replaced with Air Optix with HydraGlyde for Astigmatism

Dailies Progressive 

Dailies Toric - replaced with Dailies Aquacomfort Plus for Astigmatism

O2 Optix: Discontinued as of January 2014.

Precision UV: Discontinued as of June 31, 2011.

Focus Softcolors 1-2 Weeks: Discontinued as of Dec. 31, 2011.

Freshlook Toric Colorblends: Discontinued

Freshlook HT: Discontinued

Focus Monthly Softcolors: Discontinued

Durasoft 2 Lite Tint: Discontinued

Durasoft 3 Lite Tint: Discontinued

Durasoft 2 colors: Discontinued

Durasoft 3 Colors: Discontinued as of Dec 31, 2011.

All Durasoft Optifit Toric Colors, Complements and ColorBlends: Discontinued

All other Durasoft lenses also have been discontinued.

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