What Vision Correction Options Are Available?

My Eye Doctor Gave Me A Prescription... Now What?

We are fortunate these days to have a number of vision correction options available, if you have found that your optometrist have given you a prescription. Forty years ago, if you were a child in school, you had one option: nerdy looking glasses. Even if you were a teenager at that time, contact lenses were an expensive luxury, and much less healthy and comfortable than they are now.


These days, you haven several vision correction options available to you:

1. Eyeglasses

Not so nerdy anymore, glasses have become a fashion statement for lots of people. Young kids often want to have a prescription so they can wear glasses!

2. Contact Lenses

There are a wide variety of contact lenses available, from extremely thin daily disposables to rigid gas permeable lenses for those with more demanding prescriptions. If you think you can't wear contact lenses because of your prescription or eye health, think again! And check here to see what's available.

3. Laser Eye Surgery

Over the last 20 years, laser eye surgery has evolved and become less expensive, and better at correcting your vision. There are a number of different types of surgery for vision correction, depending on your prescription and the physiology of your eyes.

4. Orthokeratology

This is a variation on wearing contact lenses, where the lens is worn overnight to reshape the cornea. Check with your eye doctor if you are interested in this type of vision correction, because these contact lenses are not available online.


The main difference with vision correction options from decades ago is that we now have choices. You may choose one or more way to correct your vision, and depending on what your activity at the time, you may choose more than one option.  We actually recommend you choose more than one option, because you will normally need to have a backup in case one of your options doesn't work in all scenarios. But those choices are available to you, and you don't have to give up an activity because (for example) eyeglasses and gymnastics don't go together very well.

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