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CooperVision has a wide variety of lenses to choose from. While they still carry many conventional lenses for those who want a traditional yearly replacement lens, they also have many new technological advances in contact lenses such as their silicone hydrogel lenses and toric Multifocal lenses.

New Contact Lenses from CooperVision

CooperVision has a number of new contact lens designs available for just about every type of prescription.

Biofinity Energys

This new member of the Biofinity family is designed for people who are using mobile devices and computers frequently. It has a "digital zone optics" lens design that eases eye strain that is associated with computer use. The use of computers and digital devices causes people to stare at their device or computer screen, which dries the eyes. The aqua form technology that this lens uses allows the eyes to remain moist for a longer period of time. 


This is a daily disposable contact lens made of silicone hydrogel. This material allows a high percentage of oxygen to the eye, which allows for better health. CooperVision's new daily disposable Clarity lens is available for people who are nearsighted, farsighted, those with astigmatism, and those who need bifocals or reading glasses. It also provides some protection from UV light.

My Day

Another daily disposable lens, My Day is a silicone hydrogel contact lens that provides exceptional comfort as well as superior handling.

Brands By CooperVision


Proclear 1 Day - A daily disposable contact lens with excellent comfort. The Proclear 1Day design attracts water for a moist and comfortable lens. Made from 60% water and available in 30 and 90 packs.

Proclear sphere - A monthly disposable lens aimed at people with dry eyes. Not a silicone lens, but high in water content for excellent breathability. Available in two base curves.

Proclear Toric - The same Proclear design but made for those who have astigmatism in their prescription. Many people prefer the comfort of Proclear Toric over other toric lenses. Available in two base curves.

Proclear Toric XR - The same Proclear design for astigmatism but in an extended range for those with high prescriptions and/or higher amounts of astigmatism. These lenses will be more expensive, as they are custom made.

Proclear EP - This lens is made from the same material as Proclear sphere, but includes correction for those who are new to wearing bifocals. EP, or early presbyope, is for people in their 40's who are just starting to notice that reading close up is getting difficult. Please see our section on Multifocal contact lenses.

Proclear Multifocal - The same comfort and vision of Proclear as well as clear vision at all distances for those who need a bifocal. Pleases see our section on multifocal contact lenses.

Proclear Multifocal XR - A Proclear monthly contact lens for those who need a bifocal and have a higher prescription.

Proclear Multifocal Toric - The first monthly replacement Toric contact lens for astigmatism to also include vision for those who need a bifocal. Please see our page on multifocal contact lenses.

Biofinity - These lenses are also known as Harmony.

Biofinity - A monthly placement contact lens made from silicone hydrogel. The material is naturally wettable, and is very breathable. Approved for extended wear. Please see our section on extended wear contact lenses if you are interested in sleeping in your contact lenses overnight.

Biofinity Toric - The same monthly replacement lens as above, but made for those who have astigmatism in their prescription.  Their design of lens gives very stable vision, and most find the lens very comfortable.

Biofinity Multifocal - For those who need a bifocal, this lens provides the same comfort and breathability of other Biofinity lenses. 


Encore 100 - A monthly replacement contact lens also made form silicone hydrogel. Not approved for overnight wear, so must be removed prior to sleeping.

Encore 100 Toric - The same comfort of Encore 100 in a lens designed for those who have astigmatism in their prescription.

Encore Sphere - Also known as Vertex in the U.S., this is a comfortable monthly replacement contact lens.  *As of Oct. 31, 2016, the CV Encore Sphere has been discontinued by CooperVision.

Encore Toric - A monthly replacement contact lens for those who have astigmatism in their prescription. Also known as Vertex Toric.

Encore Toric XR - A monthly replacement contact lens for astigmatism, with extended ranges available. Also known as Vertex Toric XR.

Expressions Colors - These are coloured contact lenses made for people with dark eyes. CooperVision uses a technologically advanced tinting process that produces colour changes that are more natural. There are eight colours to choose from: aqua, blue, blue topaz, brown, gray, green, hazel, and jade.

Hydrasoft Standard - This is a conventional daily wear contact lens with a wide variety of sizes available.

Hydrasoft Toric DW/XW Division I Standard - A conventional daily wear lens for those with astigmatism and standard powers available.

Hydrasoft Toric DW/XW Division II Specialty - Also a conventional daily wear lens for those with a higher degree of astigmatism, and higher strength of prescription.

Hydrasoft Toric DW/XW Division III Custom - A custom made conventional daily wear contact lens for those with prescriptions outside the normal range. If you thought you couldn't wear contact lenses because of your prescription, you could try these lenses from your eye care professional.

Hydrasoft Toric DW/XW Division III Aphakic - This is a custom daily wear lens that CooperVision makes for those who have a high plus prescription.

Avaira - This lens is not available in Canada, but is available in the United States. It is made of naturally wettable silicone hydrogel with UV protection.* This is a two week replacement lens made for people who need comfort all day long.

CooperVision Discontinued products:

  • CooperClear
  • Cooper HT
  • Edge III Proactive
  • Edge III Proactive XT
  • Frequency 55 sphere
  • Expressions Accents
  • Hydron Zero 4
  • Permalens
  • Vantage Sphere
  • Vantage Sphere Thin

These products were discontinued as of November 1, 2010. If you currently wear any of these lenses, you must see your eye care practitioner to be refitted into another lens. 

As of October 31, 2016 there are two more lenses that CooperVision has discontinued: the CV Encore Sphere and the Frequency 55 Sphere.

* UV absorbing contact lenses are not substitutes for sunglasses which also protect the surrounding areas of your eyes. Please see our section on sunglasses.

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