Proper Contact Lens Care
Promotes Health and Comfort

Contact Lens Care

Good hygiene is a critical part of contact lens care - your success as a contact lens wearer depends on it.

The number one key for healthy eyes and successful contact lens wear is good hygiene. Whether it be choosing the right solution, keeping your hands clean or learning how to insert and remove your lenses, if you don't learn the correct procedures, you may end up choosing glasses over contact lenses. But once you have mastered the regimen of taking care of your contact lenses, it becomes second nature.


Choosing the right solution can determine whether you are able to continue with contact lenses or not. Conversely, for some people, they can use any solution and not have any problem. As with most health issues, each individual varies with sensitivities towards solutions. 

Cleaning and Disinfection

It is very interesting how many people fail to clean and disinfect their contact lenses properly. Most people learn the proper techniques for cleaning contacts when they are at their initial fitting, but often try to quicken the procedure, and in doing so, may leave out some of the steps. It doesn't take much to get your contact lenses contaminated, so we will review the correct way to clean and disinfect.

Insertion and Removal

Always the biggest learning curve to wearing contact lenses, most people eventually master the technique of inserting and removing their contacts. However, some people continue to find inserting a challenge, or the reverse, removing. There are many ways for both procedures, and each person will find the easiest way. Those who don't, though, are prime candidates for quitting contact lenses. If you are having problems, find out here some different ways.

Wear Schedules

With disposable lenses, so many people try to extend the life of their contact lenses. Here we will discuss if and when you can keep lenses longer than recommended, and we will also give the reasons why is it so important to adhere to the wear schedule your eye care professional has set out for you.

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