Glasses Are the First Best Choice For Vision Correction

Eyeglasses Can Be Fashionable As Well As Fuctional

Glasses are the most common form of vision correction. They have been used for centuries. In the past, eyeglasses have had one function only: to allow people to see better. In mores recent years, two things have happened:

  1. Lenses have become thinner and clearer, allowing for better vision, even with more complicated prescriptions
  2. Frames have now become a fashion accessory, which makes needing a prescription much easier and fun for everyone!

How Easy Is It To Get Eyeglasses?

Back in the late '80's and early '90's, optical stores started putting money into having a lab on premises so that many people could actually get their glasses in an hour. LensCrafters was probably the biggest name in one hour optical. However, putting a lab into a retail store as well as personnel that could operate the equipment was expensive, and made eyeglasses even more expensive than they used to be. Since then, discount eyeglass providers have emerged, and lots of them. Examples are Walmart, Costco, and many department stores have included vision centres to give even more of a one stop shopping experience. These discount retailers usually do not have an in store lab; if they do it is a finishing lab only (meaning simple single vision prescriptions only). These days, most eyeglasses take anywhere from one hour to two weeks or more, depending on the facilities and the prescription needed.

If you are willing to pay more for your glasses, you may be able to get them made from one hour to a couple of days for a more complex lens. If you would rather save your money, allow yourself more time, from ten days to three weeks, and you can get a similar product for less money. If you want to save even more money, eyeglasses are now available to be purchased online.

Online Eyeglasses??

There is now a very wide range of pricing available when purchasing eyewear. There are even online stores selling glasses that can save you even more money. It is a little harder, especially if you don't know what type or size of frame looks good on you, but you can get decent quality frames and lenses at online optical stores. You also have to be very careful with entering prescriptions and measurements when ordering online glasses because if you get them wrong, you won't be able to see properly. Opticians are trained and experienced in taking these measurements, which gives you more security when ordering from a regular optical store. 

See here for our page about online eyeglasses.

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