Which Disposable Contact Lenses Are Best For You?

Disposable contact lenses are the healthiest lenses you can wear. And the more frequently you throw them out, the healthier they are for your eyes.

The reasons disposable lenses are healthier:

  • the more frequently you dispose of a contact lens, the thinner it can be made, resulting in better oxygen permeability (more oxygen gets to the eye) and better comfort. But if they're thin, they're more fragile, and don't last long.
  • any deposits that form on the lens are just discarded with the lens.
  • if you have allergies, the allergen has less time to build up on the lens and irritate your eyes.
  • over time, wear and tear of the lens causes nicks and chips. These may not be noticed right away on a yearly lens, and cause discomfort or possibly a scratch or infection.
  • if you tear or lose a disposable lens, you usually have another one as backup.

There are three kinds of disposable contacts: 

  1. Monthly replacement
  2. Biweekly replacement
  3. Daily disposables

Daily disposable contact lenses

As mentioned earlier, the more often you change a contact lens, the healthier your eyes will be. When you discard them every day, you are giving your eyes the healthiest lenses you can. These contacts are the best of the best.

Daily disposables are great for:

  • Anyone with allergies
  • Travelling
  • Sports
  • Occasional wear

Two week replacement

If you have tried monthly replacement contact lenses, but find that after a couple of weeks, your eyes are getting dry and scratchy more frequently, more uncomfortable, and by the end of the day you just want those things out of your eyes, you may want to try biweekly disposable contacts. While not as thin as dailies, they are thinner than monthly replacement lenses, and possibly only a little more expensive.

Monthly replacement

Many people choose monthly replacement contact lenses because they are healthier than traditional daily wear lenses, they are reasonably priced, and it's easy to remember when to replace them. You still have the convenience of a disposable lens, but they are sturdier and easier to handle than a two week lens.

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