Halloween Contact Lenses

Have you considered Halloween contacts to add to the look of your costume?

A great costume for Halloween could have a great added touch by including contact lenses to your attire.

But you have to think about it... Are Halloween contact lenses really good for your eyes?

What Are Halloween Contact Lenses?

Halloween, or theatrical contact lenses, are contact lenses that have designs painted on that alter the look of your eyes. They may be cat eyes, white out, or werewolf eyes. They are very cool looking, and usually have one of two effects: people either stare at your eyes, or they want to look away.

Health Effects of Halloween Contact Lenses

While theatrical contact lenses look really cool, especially at Halloween when they are a part of a costume, there are many health risks involved. 

In the past, reputable companies such as Ciba Vision and CooperVision both made contact lenses with designs like happy face, zombie and snake eyes, known as Wildeyes and Crazy Lenses respectively.

For some reason (unknown to us) both companies have discontinued these lenses. 

If anyone wants to get these fun, exotic looking lenses to wear with their Halloween costume (or any other time...) they will have to look either online or at unreputable companies such as gag stores, gas stations and flea markets. Is this really where you want to get contact lenses, that impact the health of your eyes? Contact lenses are medical devices, and should be fitted properly, even if they have neat looking designs on them.

There are many companies online that sell these fun and creative contact lenses, but the concern we have is for the health of your eyes.

Questions That Come To Mind...

  • are the contact lenses FDA approved for health and safety (or the equivalent in other countries)
  • is the company you are purchasing from a reputable company?
  • are there prescription lenses available?
  • do you know how to care for your contact lenses?
  • have you worn contact lenses before?
  • are you comfortable with inserting, removing, and caring for your contact lenses?

Considerations When Getting Online Halloween Contact Lenses

If you choose to order contact lenses online that you have never worn before (which we do NOT recommend!), we do have some advice for you.

  • be sure you know how to insert, remove, and care for your contact lenses properly. If you have never worn contact before, a suggestion would be to go through a fitting for non prescription contacts before ordering your Halloween contacts online. This will give you the basics of contact lens care. 
  • be able to insert and remove contact lenses comfortably
  • understand how to care for your contact lenses and which solutions to use for cleaning and disinfection
  • be aware of any contraindications and health issues that may arise
  • be alert for ocular problems such as eye pain, increased blurriness to vision, and excessive redness. If conditions persist after contact lenses are removed, see an eye care professional as soon as possible.

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